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  • Home Art Decor Ideas

    Home Art Decor Ideas if you’d like to add some greenery to your walls, planters and wall-mounted planters can do the trick. Or you can opt for high-quality faux plants. Macrame art decor wall hangings have also made a comeback in recent years, adding texture to any wall. Buy handmade ones on Etsy, or try making them yourself with a few basic supplies. Maasai beading, a traditional art decor practiced by the Maasai people in Tanzania, uses glass beads from the Czech Republic. Motivating quotes as wall art decorations increase productivity Using motivational quotes as wall art decor can boost your overall productivity at work. A psychologist at the University of Toronto recently conducted a study on the effect of motivational posters. The researchers asked 54 employees working in a call center to raise money for a charity. They then divided the employees into three rooms, with the rooms with motivational posters having the highest amounts of donations. Those who were working in the room without any motivational posters raised the least amount of money. The physical environment affects our mood, and the art decor in our workspace should reflect our company values and motivate us. Here are 10 tips for choosing motivational art for your workspace. The simplest and least expensive option is a motivational quote in a frame. You can easily change the art every now and then if you feel like it. Read more: 10 Ideas to Improve Your Workplace Office employees feel inspired to work harder when they are surrounded by inspiring quotes. If you’re planning on using motivational quotes as wall art decorations, consider using bright, bold text. These pieces pair well with a neutral, black and white color palette. Adding color to your workspace can improve your mood and increase your productivity. Motivational wall art stickers are another inexpensive option. Another option is to combine several favorite pieces of art on a gallery wall. You can also use inspirational posters as wall art decorations. A ‘7 Rules of Life’ poster is an excellent choice for the office or home wall decor. These posters will help employees let go of negative comments and ignore the haters. By adding motivational posters to your office wall decor, you’ll boost your employee’s performance and boost their mood! If you’re looking for a foolproof way to boost productivity, try using motivational posters. The message in these posters will keep your employees focused and motivated. Planters add texture and warmth to bare walls Planters add texture and warmth to bare wall space, while also blending well with the art decor of the room. An arched window box breaks up an imposing wall, while colorful hanging baskets add more greenery and flowers. If you don’t want to buy a new planter, you can always paint an old shelving unit and add a few matching planters. Fill them with blooms, microgreens, or an aromatic herb garden. Floating wood wall planters are a great way to liven up an interior. Made of wood, they take up little space on your walls and can art decor house a variety of small cacti or succulents. Or, if you want to hang plants anywhere, go for a modular wall planter system. This will let you have any sized garden and add a geometric look to your walls. Uprise Art has a wide selection of home art decor If you want a more contemporary look, you can find a variety of art pieces at Uprise Art. Their wide selection of affordable home art decor includes everything from abstract paintings to modern furniture and more. You can even get personalized art advisors to help you choose the perfect piece for your home decor. Z Gallerie has an impressive selection of home art decor, including paintings by Michel Smith Boyd, an artist who specializes in fashion-inspired figures. Uprise Art is an excellent place to start your collection of the home art decor, as you can find original works for under $800. You can also get a consultation from an Uprise Art consultant and pay over time by paying as little as $50 a month. Artwork from 40 contemporary artists can be delivered in just a few days, so you can enjoy your new piece in your apartment right away. Uprise Art offers a contemporary art gallery in New York City. The online gallery features works from emerging and established artists and even offers payment plans. You can choose any medium and style, and they can deliver to your doorstep. You can also browse their blog for tips on home art decor. A great way to discover new artists and hone your skills is to go online. Uprise Art will give you a great digital gallery experience. Uprise has a great selection of home art decor and art advisers. In addition, their vast selection of secondhand and vintage art will make it easier for you to find the perfect piece. And as a bonus, you can even get free shipping. You can also get a free consultation with an Uprise art advisor. This is an excellent way to find a beautiful piece of art without breaking the bank.

  • Black and White Home Decor

    Black and White Home Decor if you’re looking to add dramatic flair to your home, consider a black and white home decor theme. This striking color scheme is both timeless and easy to install, so you’re sure to find the perfect look for your home. Read on to learn how to create a dramatic look with black and white home decor. We’ll talk about how to create a dramatic look, including how to hang black-and-white artwork on your walls. Black and white home decor is a daring choice For an edgy feel, consider black and white home decor. The stark contrast of black and white is an excellent backdrop for bold patterns. Stripes, polka dots, and geometric patterns can add interest to a black-and-white interior. Black accents on a white sofa create a graphic effect, while a curving, white couch on a black floor creates a sculptural effect. Artwork in black and white is also a wonderful choice. When used in combination with other colors, black and white can create a dramatic effect in a room. The colors pair well together and can be combined in different combinations to create a distinctly different look. Additionally, the versatility of white and black makes them a versatile choice for decorating. It’s important to note that black and white home decor can easily overwhelm a room if used in a disproportionate manner. Listed below are 17 black and white home decor ideas for every room in your house. Black and white home decor is a bold choice for the kitchen and bathroom. A contrasting black table and chairs will complement a white kitchen or bathroom. A white wall in an otherwise dark room can create a sculptural effect. Likewise, white walls can create a dramatic effect in a guest bathroom. For a dramatic effect, consider using contrasting textures or shades of white. Lastly, the black and white home decor looks great with a dark floor. It can create a dramatic look You can add a dramatic look to your room by adorning it with black and white home decor pieces of artwork. Even if you have brightly colored walls, black and white art can add a dramatic and elegant look to your room. If you’re not sure how to use black and white in your decor, try incorporating pieces of art in different shades of the same color. Jonathon Adler makes vases and pots in black and white that will add the dramatic look you desire. You can also purchase dramatic black light fixtures with large white shades. When decorating a room with all-white pieces, you’ll make it look larger than it is. This way, your room will look more spacious and airy. You can add a black or grey soft rug to soften the contrast. For a dramatic effect, you can also use black and gray cushions. Another way to add depth to black and white home decor is to use monochrome wallpaper. Black and white home decor is a dramatic choice for anyone who wants to create a dramatic look in their space. The colorless combination makes it easy to mix and match themes and scales. This style of decorating was first seen in the 1920s and hasn’t lost its luster. In fact, black and white home decor can be a good choice for people with brightly colored homes. Adding a pop of bold color to one or two pieces will help you to re-vision a room in no time. It is timeless When decorating your black and white home decor, you may wonder what makes a design timeless. The answer lies in the design’s ability to endure and adapt to different trends. For instance, a timeless interior design style uses colors that never seem to go out of style and pieces of furniture that don’t need to be replaced every few years. Using timeless designs in your home will ensure that your decor remains attractive for many years to come. This article will give you some helpful tips for creating timeless interior design. Trends are the most common source of black and white home decor ideas that come and go, but a timeless design is one that stays in style. The classic design style, for example, may be based on Greek architecture. A timeless home will use architectural details as a springboard, while its interior will complement the architecture. Just like the clothes on a mannequin, the material used in a timeless design complements the frame of the house. Natural fibers and resources are often used in timeless designs. While the color combination isn’t inherently timeless, it does remain popular and is perfect for modern farmhouse interiors. Many famous designers such as Joanna Gaines often choose black and white as their color scheme. It never goes out of style, and gives a home decor a more sophisticated and expensive appearance. This color scheme never goes out of style and works well with other color schemes, as well. So, while you may be tempted to go all out with bold colors in your home, the black and white color combination will never fail to impress. While black and white home decor may be in vogue right now, it is not just a trend anymore. It’s a classic, elegant design that will never go out of style. You can use it in a variety of ways to create an elegant, timeless space. Incorporating these colors into your interior design will keep it classic for years to come. There is no reason not to use them in your home.

  • The Angled Roof and Beautiful Home Interiors of Casa Indios Desnudos

    Would you live in a house with amazing views of nature around it? Of course, you will! If the house comes with a unique design and relaxing interior, then it is a big plus! Although we would seldom see homes that are seemingly on a pedestal because of their location, we would really appreciate seeing it being perched in the middle of the forest. Today, we are going to show you a house called Casa Indios Desnudos located in Papagayo, Guanacaste in Costa Rica. It features a unique angled roof and it is located with nature surrounding it. You might even wonder where the owners would pass in order to reach the area! To end your curiosity, take a look at the home’s images below. Location: Costa Rica Designer: Cañas Arquitectos Style: Modern Type of Space: Penthouse Unique feature: A modern home with an angled roof is located on a peninsula with forests on both sides. It has a beautiful architecture and interior design featuring an infinity pool. Similar House: Enchanting Infinity Pool Graced in the Beverly Grove Residence in California This modern house features a sloped flat roof and it is surrounded by forest. It also utilized glass all around it, making it appear transparent. A large ‘stepping stone’ provides access to the lounge that sits directly below the master bedroom. Off to the side of the lounge is a hot tub. This is an interesting part of the house wherein a sitting area is extended from the pool. Well, if you are afraid of heights, then this place isn’t for you. But it does look exciting and scary at the same time! The house is designed to enjoy the views and to have an airy area for relaxation. It has an infinity edge pool and a walkway that leads out to a deck that extends away from the house. Stepping inside, the interior opens up to a double-height ceiling. Large sliding glass doors open up to the outdoor space and provide ample light to the living, dining and kitchen areas. Read Also: Hoan House Features a Roof Garden in Vietnam The main living space is open plan, with the living room at one end. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls ensure that the view can always be enjoyed, and the single orange armchair ties in with the orange paint and stools used in the kitchen. The house has amazing views of the pool, the ocean, the mountains and the tall trees around it. With that, one would definitely feel very relaxed once they are in the area. Aside from the relaxing interior, the view is something you’ll fall in love with! Separating the living room from the kitchen is the dining area. A simple white dining table is surrounded by tan dining chairs. Seen here is the dining and kitchen area which is enveloped with tall glass walls. Apparently, the house looks transparent with a good amount of natural light getting inside. Also, the glass windows allow the owners to get a good look at the nature around it. The kitchen has minimal cabinets, with the island home to the oven and cooktop. A bright orange wall adds a pop of color to the space. There’s a bathroom with floor-to-ceiling glass walls at the upper area. While inside, one can have a good view of the forest outside. This is how the house looks like from afar with its angled roof and infinity pool. It also towers to two-floors and is wrapped with glass around it. At first look, you will immediately know that it is indeed a unique house. It is designed by Cañas Arquitectos in a lot that forms a peninsula with a slight slope that goes down the street. The area is privileged because of the view to the sea and the Papagayo Peninsula. It also overlooks the natural forests on both sides wherein one of them is the Forest Reserve. Hence, it is really nice to have the house located in the area because of the views around it. Aside from that, the design of the house is a wonder of architecture and engineering while the interior is very grand and well-done. Of course, let us not forget the beautiful and impressive design of the swimming pool!

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  • Maddore LTD | Online Home Goods

    Exciting products to explore NEW ARRIVALS ARE HERE Shop All Drinkware Fashion 220ml Crystal Glass Volcano Cup Price $29.99 Free Shipping Add to Cart Japanese Style Hand Drawn Cat Ceramic Coffee Cup Price $59.99 Free Shipping Add to Cart Portable Borosilicate Double Lid Glass Price $29.99 Free Shipping Add to Cart Bar Crystal Small Capacity Cocktail Glass Price $37.99 Free Shipping Add to Cart Bomber Coffee Espresso Cup 60ml Double Layer Price $49.99 Free Shipping Add to Cart Children Harness Straw Plastic Drinking Water Cup Price $44.99 Free Shipping Add to Cart Shop All Who is Maddore Maddore is an innovative online homewares store that values ​​exciting products to discover and quality at affordable prices ​ Maddore brings the world's most carefully crafted items to your home. You can be sure to find products that suit your style and budget in our wide range of products, from furniture to home accessories. Whether you are looking for a special gift, unique decor or a source of inspiration for yourself, Maddore is definitely the right address. -Online Home Goods With More CONTACT US Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Your Message Thank you for submitting! Send

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    PRIVACY POLICY NOTICE ON THE PRIVACY ACT AND MADDORE PRIVACY POLICY 1.Introduction to Maddore Privacy Policy By signing into the Maddore (thereby will also be referred as the “Website”), it will be presumed that you have given your express consent to accept the conditions of data storage that listed below: 2. Procedure of Obtainment and Storage of Your Data In accordance with the Privacy Act (law no. 6698), Maddore is the data supervisor for the personal data you have shared through registration forms, surveys, bulletins, user logs, cookies and so forth to use the Website and connect to the website. In this context, Maddore will save, categorize, update and process your personal data to make the services accessible. Maddore also has the authority to share the personal data with the third parties if the express consent is given and to the extent provided by law. Within this scope, personal data that will be processed are: Data Shared While Connecting to the Internet: Consists of the personal data that Users have shared of their own will, ahead of or during the use of the Website. Those type of data contains all personal data that were shared with the Website. For instance, Users’ names, contact information, social media profiles fall under this category of data. Data Gathered In the Use of the Website: That contains the Website’s computation of usage data carried out through several technological tools such as Cookies and Heatmap systems. For instance, interests of Users and usage data of websites fall under this category of data. Processable Data Without an Express Consent Maddore may use your personal data upon your approval to fulfill your demand or facilitate the proceedings. Nevertheless, in accordance with the applicable legislation, if any of these conditions listed below are present then personal data can be processed without the consent of User: If personal data of parties to a contract need to be processed, provided that the need is directly related to formation of exercise of the contract, If the process of personal data is compulsory for establishment, performance or protection of rights, If the personal data have already been revealed to the public by the User, If the process of personal data is compulsory for the legitimate interests of the data supervisor, on the condition that this process shall not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of User If it is forthrightly prescribed by the law. Scope of the Involved Third Parties Third parties which your data may be shared are consisted of: Persons and legal entities that are entitled to receive personal data according to Electronic Communication Law (law no. 5809) and relevant legislation, Persons and legal entities that Maddore receives service, cooperate with, Maddore present and future program partners and other third parties. Rights of the User Under Article 11 of Privacy Act you are entitled to rights: To know whether your personal data are being processed or not, To request related information if your personal data are being processed, To know the purpose of why your data is being processed and to know whether your personal data are properly used for given purpose, To know the foreign or domestic third parties that your personal data are being transferred, To request the correction of your personal data if they are processed deficiently or incorrectly, To request the deletion or anonymization of your personal data under Article 7 of Privacy Act, if the reasons for processing are ceased to exist and there are no other prohibitions to do so, To request to be notified about the third parties which your personal data is shared, To claim damages if one incurs a loss because of the illegal process of its personal data. Banking Datas Your Banking Datas will be processed by POS service provider such as Stripe, Paypal. We do not hold or process your Banking Datas like credit cards, bank accounts etc. Other Your personal data is stored in the servers that Website uses or owns in the local territories or abroad. For the time that Maddore is acting as the data supervisor, storage time of the personal data is three years Website will perform the ordinary care with regards to storage of the personal data as required technical and technological standards. Website may amend the Privacy Policy at any time. Amendments will come into force at the time that they are published.

  • Shipping Policy | Maddore

    SHIPPING POLICY Please Read Shipping Directions Carefully. Your Refunds and Cancellations will be valid by taking this Directive into account. Most orders are arriving in your home within 15 business days but it may take 3-5 business days to receive your ship confirmation email. Your order may arrive in separate shipments. Thank you for your patience! ​ Standard Delivery(Free shipping for all orders): ​ Standard shipping typically takes 10 to 18 business days from the purchase date to arrive (business days are Monday-Friday, excluding Holidays). When your order ships, you'll get an email with tracking information. The time it takes to obtain your tracking information is up to 5 business days. ​ Country Shipping Time Costs United States 10-18 business days Free Canada 10-18 business days Free United Kingdom 10-18 business days Free Germany 10-18 business days Free Australia 10-18 business days Free Other 10-18 business days Free Product Availability: Orders are accepted under the condition that there is stock. We will try our best to execute your purchase, however in certain circumstances, limited availability, some technical, logistic or communication issues may prevent us to keep stocks updated and we can not provide the product you want. So, in that scenerio we provide different options to you and you can choose whether accept new option or you can want full refund. If your status changes, please give us up to 5 business days (Mon-Fri) to process them. You need to check your e-mails after ordering. Your late return to the order support e-mails we sent, will extend the time for your order to reach you and such delays are out of our responsibility as Maddore. Notes: 1) Shipping Time does not include a 1-5 business day processing period required to process your order from the date your order is placed. 2) We will try our best to send your product as soon as possible. However, more time can be needed because to incorrect addresses and difficulties with customs clearance. Shipping FAQs ​ Q: In the case of shipping arrival time estimates, what does "Business Day" mean? A: Weekends and holidays should not be taken into account when predicting the delivery date of your purchase. Q: Can Express shipping be used for all items? A: No. You can check it whether express shipping be used your product or not. If you have items in your cart that require Express shipping, please enter a separate order. Q: Why did my order arrive from different carriers or in different boxes? A: A few reasons why we could send your item to you in various boxes or with different carriers include: The size of the order; for faster delivery, big purchases are frequently divided into many boxes. Size of the item: Some things needed particular handling and packing, thus a separate box was needed. The source of the item—some things will be delivered right to you.

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