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  • Handmade

  • Materials: Bamboo, cotton, polyester



Before moving on to a detailed explanation about the product, we know that the most important thing for a buyer is to receive the product as soon as possible. Your carpet orders will be at your door within 5-11 business days following the day you place your order.


What's on display in our store offers just a glimpse of our extensive collection. Your creativity is the sole boundary.

Our team of expert designers is all set to craft the rug of your desires. All you have to do is reach out to us.



Our Rugs are produced with 3D digital printing technology.

Our rugs are anti-slip.


Due to its top-notch digital print and anti-slip base, it adheres seamlessly to all surfaces.

Thickness measures 4-5mm.


The border (overlock) stitch colors of our rugs may differ depending on the rug colors.


Since our rugs utilize cutting-edge digital printing technology, rug dimensions may fluctuate by ± 1-3%.


The sample colors you view may marginally differ from our samples due to variances in screen color calibration.


We can make special production for you in the dimensions you want.We also produce your bulk orders.




1. Produced from Natural Resources: Bamboo fibers are obtained from the essence of naturally grown bamboo plants. This makes bamboo rugs an environmentally friendly and sustainable option.


2. Soft and Textured: Bamboo fibers make the texture of the rug soft and plush. This feature provides comfort when walking on the rug and offers an ideal sensation for bare feet.


3. Absorbent: Bamboo fibers naturally possess the ability to absorb moisture. This helps in absorbing any moisture that may accumulate on the surface of the rug, keeping it clean and dry.


4. Durable and Flexible: Bamboo fibers have a durable and flexible structure. This characteristic ensures that the rug remains durable for a long time and helps it maintain its shape.


5. Environmentally Friendly: Bamboo is a rapidly growing plant, making it a renewable resource. This means that bamboo rugs can be produced with minimal impact on the environment.


6. Anti-Bacterial: Bamboo fibers naturally possess anti-bacterial properties. This prevents the formation of bacteria and microbes on the rug's surface, ensuring a more hygienic environment.  


7. Health: One of the biggest features of bamboo carpets is their importance for health. So much so that bamboo, an ecological carpet type, has the cleanest content after wool carpets in terms of health and is therefore one of the healthiest carpet production materials. It is also anti-allergic.


The material resistant to stains makes cleaning a breeze – simply use a damp cloth with gentle soapy water to cleanse (avoid bleach) and let it air dry.

You can securely machine wash it at 30 degrees using gentle washing programs without wringing.


Kindly take note that we create these rugs on demand, exclusively for you. After rigorous quality checks, they are dispatched via express courier. Consequently, barring any production defects, we are unable to entertain returns or swaps for tailor-made rugs.



Your rug orders will be at your door within 5-11 business days(business days are Monday-Friday, excluding Holidays) following the day you place your order.

Your order will be sent via express shipping after rigorous quality checks.​




1) Shipping Time does not include processing time, which takes 1-3 business days to process your order from the date your order is placed. It takes 5-11 business days for your order to arrive at your home, including product preparation and shipping.


2) We will try our best to ship your product as soon as possible. However, more time may be needed due to incorrect addresses and difficulties in customs clearance.


If you desire to design your personalized carpet, please forward us the image, logo, or design you have in mind, along with the size specifications.


You can convey this message via the custom section on our website or directly to our email address. (



For optimal quality, kindly provide a high-resolution photo. No supplementary charges for customized designs.

As your input is pivotal to our business advancement, we heartily urge you to share positive feedback if you are content with both our product and service.

We genuinely value your trust in us and anticipate the opportunity to serve you once more in the future.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude!



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